I first started training with Roger just after London Fields Fitness opened, early in 2011. Having suffered with lower back problems for years, I finally tried fitness to help relieve the regular discomfort and pain. Training with Roger has been fun, hard work and very rewarding. I have been fit and healthy for over two years now, and bad backs are a distant memory. Best of all, Roger is continually learning new skills and techniques, and he always brings variety and a new challenge to his sessions.


I would highly recommend Roger as a personal trainer for all levels of fitness. I recently completed a group of training sessions with him as I wanted to get fit again after illness. Over the ten weeks of sessions with him, I saw my strength, fitness and confidence grow in leaps and bounds. Roger listens to what you actually want to achieve and pushes you without adopting a sergeant major-type of approach. He makes the sessions hard work but fun and I enjoyed every minute.


Thanks, Roger. I thank my ma for the hair and the eyes and you for the figure. Without you I am just another curly haired girl who likes cake.