I’ve been working out with roger about three years. Every session’s fun, every session’s different, and now I’m fit as a butcher’s dog. Roger’s 90% encouragement, 5% gossip and 5% steely lets-do-this. Treat yourself.


I genuinely looked forward to my Sunday personal training sessions with Roger – not only is he lovely, but we never did the same thing. He pushed me harder every week, my body’s changed shape, and we even had fun! I’m gutted to move out of the Hackney area, but I’ve left loving exercise and I’ll definitely be back.


This time six months ago, I would never have dreamed I’d be running half marathons, 10km and, frankly, running at all. Roger has gently but firmly transformed my fitness level and my shape, but mostly my attitude. When I started personal training with Roger, I could barely run around the park and hated everything to do with running. Now, I love running, training, and trying out different exercise classes. Exercise has become part of my lifestyle, not something I dread or do just to lose a bit of weight. Through Roger’s training plans I have lots several stone, lots of inches and even more cynicism about those people that love exercise – because now I am one!