Personal Training

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PERSONAL TRAINING in Hackney: getting started

You get started on personal training with a free trial session. This is a chance to get to know you, and for you to see whether you like it.

Sessions cost around £40 for an hour and £30 for 45 minutes, depending on what size block of sessions you buy. There are many ways to pay – including using the online shop.

Roger Love is based in his studio in Netil House (above), on the corner of Westgate Street and Mare Street, near Broadway Market and London Fields. It is a calm, light and fully-equipped space for working out. 

You could also work in a park. He charges no extra for training friends or couples together.

Your sessions will be tailored to you and what you want to achieve, whether than is a specific goal by a specific date or just adding some regular fitness to your lifestyle. We will also talk about nutrition and posture, too.

You won’t be shouted or judged at – just get friendly, firm, challenging, and supportive training.

Sessions will be build around bodyweight exercises, with weights and other equipment added to the mix.