Roger has been my personal trainer for the last year and a half. He created training plans which were based on my individual needs. He has been very encouraging throughout my time with him. I always felt strengthened and empowered by Roger’s style of training but never babied or bullied. He helped me with nutrition and the type of exercises that would suit my lifestyle. We worked through common myths and worked up a training plan which both helped me achieve my goals and set new ones.  I would definitely recommend Roger to anyone who is looking for a PT, his style is relaxed and informal but serious when it comes to getting you your results.  I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough!


Thanks, Roger. I thank my ma for the hair and the eyes and you for the figure. Without you I am just another curly haired girl who likes cake.


Over the past few years, I’ve watched my body change and grow to the point that know that, at this point, I feel the best I ever have. Roger trains in a manner that is pressure-free and enjoyable. He works with you to help you progress in any form of fitness you desire.


Massive thanks for all your advice, tips and continued support through my training. Not only have I smashed a lifetime goal of completing my first marathon with our fitness and strength training, I have also always come away from our sessions with a clearer and more positive outlook. Thanks for being a friendly face, and getting me fitter and leaner and for being an all-round breath of fresh air.


This time six months ago, I would never have dreamed I’d be running half marathons, 10km and, frankly, running at all. Roger has gently but firmly transformed my fitness level and my shape, but mostly my attitude. When I started personal training with Roger, I could barely run around the park and hated everything to do with running. Now, I love running, training, and trying out different exercise classes. Exercise has become part of my lifestyle, not something I dread or do just to lose a bit of weight. Through Roger’s training plans I have lots several stone, lots of inches and even more cynicism about those people that love exercise – because now I am one!