Roger Love


Roger Love is a personal trainer in Hackney, east London. 

Using a friendly, no-nonsense approach, he aims to make you strong and lean, fearless and fit.

He doesn’t work with bodybuilders – he concentrates on normal people wanting to look and feel great for day-to-day life. His clients are a cross-section of Hackney and Tower Hamlets residents.


Sessions are based on calisthenics/bodyweight exercises (for example, squats, lunges and push-ups) combined with padwork boxing, weight training, and other equipment and skills, such as running, when needed.

He also helps with the vital issue of food, driven by the principles that it is not just how much you eat but the balance of what you eat.

Roger is based in his studio in Netil House, on the corner of Westgate Street and Mare Street, near Broadway Market and London Fields. It is a calm, light and fully-equipped space for working out. 

You could also work in your home, or in a park. He charges no extra for training friends or couples together.

He worked as a gym instructor and personal trainer in major London gyms and co-founded London Fields Fitness Studio before opening his own studio for personal training clients.

A former Customs officer based on the Thames, the father-of-two from Brighton studied Government and Sociology at the University of Essex and worked as a national paper journalist. He is a parent governor at an academy in Hackney.

He is on the Register of Exercise Professionals (Reps) and is fully insured.


  • Personal trainer (level 3, YMCA-trained)
  • Nutrition and weight management (YMCA)
  • Ante/Post Natal Exercise (YMCA)
  • Circuit training (YMCA)
  • Boxercise instructor
  • Boxercise personal trainer
  • Padwork for personal trainers (YMCA)
  • Running (YMCA)
  • TRX training (YMCA)
  • Kettlebells (YMCA)
  • Core stability (YMCA)


I first started training with Roger just after London Fields Fitness opened, early in 2011. Having suffered with lower back problems for years, I finally tried fitness to help relieve the regular discomfort and pain. Training with Roger has been fun, hard work and very rewarding. I have been fit and healthy for over two years now, and bad backs are a distant memory. Best of all, Roger is continually learning new skills and techniques, and he always brings variety and a new challenge to his sessions. Jim

Roger is an excellent personal trainer. I worked with him for about a year when we were practically neighbours. I had sessions in Victoria Park and in his studio. I had brilliant results from my weekly work out – all my friends commented on the changes in my body. Now I’ve moved to the other side of London, it’s too far to meet but, boy, do I miss his sessions! Not only did I lose weight and tone up, but had a great positivity each week after meeting him. Whilst he takes the exercise seriously we also had a real laugh together which made doing hideous burpees much easier! Gemma

I’ve been training with Roger for nearly six months now. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually look forward to the training sessions. Every week is different; we try new exercises and games, but boxing is the best. Give it a few weeks and you’ll soon notice your progress. Roger’s trick is to gradually push you gently beyond your comfort zone. But he does it in a professional but fun way; a very good trainer indeed. Stephen

Roger first became my personal trainer when I was training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and he has helped me, from zero fitness level, to grow tremendously in terms of both strength and stamina. He is an excellent motivator and is able to suit the training programme to my current situation/stamina level, which I feel is a great, personalised aspect of his programme. Roger has definitely been a key factor in me getting back on track with being healthy and active. Stephanie

Roger is my Marmite: I hate getting out of bed at 6am but love every single one of my sessions with him. The secret to Roger’s success is that he is not only incredibly knowledgable and passionate about what he does, but that he genuinely cares and invests time getting to know you. Each session is tailor-made for my mood: always new, always challenging and always invigorating – yet not overwhelming. Roger is an amazing personal trainer and now a dear friend whose fantastic company, sense of humour and professional approach will be sure to continue getting me up at stupid o’clock throughout the winter months. My only complaint is that I want a travel-size Roger to take with me wherever I go. Soraya